Vitreous Materials Laboratory

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The Vitreous Materials Lab has as current research areas the study of glass and glass-ceramics, the molecular-level description of dynamics in materials and the influence of dynamics on material properties. Also we work with glass nanostructures and the elaboration of new organoclay nanocomposites.

Our research group is also actively involved in science education and mathematics programs for students, and in communicating science to the the public. With Professor Luiz Barco (University of Sao Paulo) it was ellaborated the Brazilian TV series "Art & Mathematics", a partnership of TV Cultura and Padre Anchieta Foundation with School TV, from Education's Secretariat of the Brazil's Ministry of Education.

Our work is supported by the Brazilian agencies CNPq (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development), FAPESB (The State of Bahia Research Foundation) and Petrobras (Brazilian Petroleum Corporation).

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